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Diagnosis - A and E activity from Wikid

  • Key Stage 3
  • SciQ Sequences

Type: Activity
Learning Strategy: Imaginative inquiry
Topic: Heart & lung disease

Technology has revolutionised medical diagnosis. Here the students take the role of trainee nurse Darcy, trying to secure a hospital placement. They have seen an advert for a fantastic opportunity in the radiology department of a world famous children's hospital. There is tough competition for the post, so they will need to impress the interview panel.

This activity is a sample from the A&E unit, from upd8's best-selling 11-14 course. "Once upon a time, physicians would let your blood or apply leaches to your skin if you were sick. Thanks to science and technology, modern medicine can diagnose illness more precisely and offer much more effective treatments. "

Not only is the A&E unit full of fantastic learning material, it also comes with comprehensive assessment: APP-based quizzes and levelled problems for assessment.

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Published: 14th July 2009
Reviews & Comments: 3

Learning objectives

- Technology applies scientific ideas to solve problems and has transformed the way we live in modern society.

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- How the creative application of scientific ideas can bring about technological developments and consequent changes in the way people think and behave (PoS Key Concepts 1.2, Strategy Framework 1.1b).

Running the activity

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Media links

Jeffery's Story online videos
The story of Jeffery's diagnosis and heart treatment, which accompanies this Wikid activity.

Reviews & Comments

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Jan 10th, 2013

5 Star

Worked really well with Yr9's

Reviewer: Sarfraz Shah


Jul 31st, 2010

4 Star

Looks fun and exciting.I like the 7E concepts

Reviewer: ayisat fashola


Jul 17th, 2009

5 Star

Please spell leeches correctly not leaches!

Leech is a noun.

Leach is a verb

Reviewer: Paula Simpson