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upd8 Segue: a transition course to GCSE

Are you using Year 9 to finish KS3? Or diving into GCSE? With upd8 Segue you can do both. And it matches the curricula of many countries outside England.

Segue is a flexible, four-unit course, designed to provide a smooth transition from KS3 to KS4. Its innovative context-based style will inspire the scientists of tomorrow. Segue makes the ideal Year 9 programme to:

  • Extend students' How Science Works skills, ready for Core Science
  • Systematically introduce concepts from the new GCSE specifications
  • Provide plenty of evidence for APP
  • Motivate and engage students across the whole ability range
  • Maximise skills development and understanding of key science concepts
  • Cover topics once only to avoid repetition

If you're doing a 3-year KS3, Segue gives you more time to teach ideas thoroughly - no need to gallop through Core Science.

If you're doing a 2-year KS3, Segue will allow you to finish Core Science early in Year 10, because it covers over 50% of the content. See what Segue covers by downloading the 'route map'

Designed specifically to address the changes in the 2011 GCSE specifications, Segue is designed to cover all the new content, and meet the new assessment requirements. It's simply the best value solution on the market.

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