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  • GCSE
  • SciQ Sequences

Type: Activity
Learning Strategy: Imaginative inquiry
Topic: Cell structure & function

In this activity, students take on the role of science editor. They apply their knowledge of the nervous system to reviewing a bestselling science book: How to Quell a Robot Rebellion. This involves carrying out experiments to simulate how a robot can detect changes in the environment.In the process they learn about sense organs acts as receptors to external stimuli.

This activity is a sample from the Metahuman unit, part of the upd8 Y9 to GCSE transition programme.

Published: 24th January 2011
Reviews & Comments: 2

Learning objectives

Big Idea: Behaviour

• Describe how specialised sensory cells are able to respond to a stimulus.
• Understand that hearing can be damaged by loud noise.

Big Idea: Models
• Using scientific models to test ideas.

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GCSE specifications:
AQA: Nerves and hormones, control of body systems
Edexcel: Responding to change
OCR Gateway: keeping in touch,

Running the activity

The activity is structured around the 7E's learning cycle:

Engage: Students consider whether they should publish a new book.
Elicit: Students discuss how robots know where humans are.
Explore: Students model or role play the tips for defeating robots.
Explain: Students learn how humans and robots detect changes in the environment.
Evaluate: Students list points to tell the author.
Elaborate: Students consider why human senses are important.
Extend: Students explore the effect of loud noise on hearing.

For detailed commentary, download the teachers guide.

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Reviews & Comments

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Cyborg review

Jun 19th, 2013

5 Star

excellent resource, really novel way of teaching the senses in a practical manner.

Reviewer: Ashley Curtis


Mar 26th, 2011

3 Star

I like the resources, I think theyare innovative and industrious. My concern is for less able pupils who will probably only achieve a level D/C, are we asking too much of them. The teachers guide looks quite comprehensive and easy to follow.

What happens about the cost of resources as time goes on and more and more are needed.

Reviewer: maxine jones