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  • Key Stage 3
  • GCSE
  • SciQ Sequences

Type: Activity
Learning Strategy: Imaginative inquiry
Topic: Graphing motion

This activity is a sample from the Hollywood unit, part of the new upd8 Segue course. Find out more about the course

Students are in role of 18 year olds on a gap year in Hollywood. They're working on set with a stunt team and camera crew working out how to set up the action that the director wants. For this scene it's a car chase. Students must ensure that the cameras are in the right locations to get the required shots and that the ‘hero’ knows when to act his key scenes.

Through the activity, students learn about forces, distance time graphs and how to calculate speed.

11-16 How Science Works:
This sequence introduces GCSE level skills in analysing data.

Published: 10th September 2010
Reviews & Comments: 1

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Feb 2nd, 2011

4 Star

I used this with a bright Y8 group. They found it engaging and I thought it a good introduction to interpolation and extrapolation. My only complaint is that when I printed out the student sheets, the crucial graph would not print out legibly no matter what I did.

Reviewer: Helen Rayner