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  • GCSE
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Type: Activity
Learning Strategy: Group discussion
Topic: Lungs & gas exchange

In this activity, students shadow Ceri Harrop, a researcher in respiratory medicine. She is helping Olympic hopeful Wayne Ashall investigate how he can overcome the obstacle of his asthma Students discover how the lungs work, and learn about cells, tissues and organs.

The activity is integrated with a specially made Teachers TV programme.

'Asthma' is part of the Live and Kicking unit from upd8's best-selling 11-14 course - Wikid. Find out more..

Published: 28th October 2009
Reviews & Comments: 1

Learning objectives

- how oxygen is delivered to cells, and what goes wrong in asthma
- how to manage variables to answer scientific questions

Try the activity

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Cells – Life processes are supported by the organisation of cells into tissues, organs and systems (Strategy Framework 2.1).
Selecting and managing variables (Strategy Framework 1.2b)

Running the activity

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