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Sodaconstructor is a free to use online construction kit to help students explore physics, design and engineering. Based in a world of simple Newtonian mechanics, the application allows a range of experimental scientific investigations to be explored. Once the basics of the constructor are mastered the application allows the user to develop their own soda creations in open ended play, and these have been used extensively to support a range of science and design school projects worldwide. The website also hosts other free to use software from the soda family, including a racing application, and a system to allow students to develop games for mobile phones.

Development of the Soda family of applications is sponsored by EPSRC and Nesta and won the BAFTA for best interactive website in 2001.

Additional materials including sodaconstructor can be found on the Computer Science for Fun website. It provides a wide range of articles and interactive games for teaching computer science and ICT.