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The activities

About 10% of the content in each specification is changing. Crucial helps you teach it in inspiring ways, even the most difficult and dull topics. There is a different version tailored to the changes in each specification.

  • AQA

    AQA 15 topics covered:

    New antibiotics, Plant sensitivity, Energy and design, Phytomining, U Values, Small scale electricity, Sport and drugs, Environmental change, Biofuels, Carbon cycle, Biodegradable, GM crops, Origin of Life, Radio waves, CMBR.

    Download the AQA curriculum map Complete specification references.

  • OCR B

    OCR B 15 topics covered:

    Heart disease, Sankey diagrams, Mobile phones, Thermograms, Problems with oil, Digital switchover, Carbon cycle, Ozone, Global warming, Diabetes, Extremeophiles, Sea chemicals, Making ammonia, Modelling the Universe, Natural selection.

    Download the OCR B curriculum map Complete specification references.

  • Edexcel

    Edexcel 15 topics covered:

    Classification, Accepting Darwin, Limestone, Understand the Universe, Telescopes, Diabetes, Plant hormones, Electrolysis, Controlling CO2, Earthquakes, Parasitism and mutualism, Disease transmission, Recycling, Electromagnetic induction, National Grid.

    Download the Edexcel curriculum map Complete specification references.

OCR A (21st Century) and WJEC

These versions focus on teaching the challenging skills assessed in the written papers and controlled assessments:

  • Judging how well data supports an explanation
  • Quality of written communication
  • Evaluating a report for trustworthinesss
  • Consider economic, social and ethical arguments
  • Check data for accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility
  • Evaluate the impact of technology, pros and cons
  • Display data in tables, charts and graphs
  • Planning, with variables, controls, samples and replicates
  • Writing balanced arguments, with evidence
  • Evaluate the validity of conclusions
  • Using models to explain
  • Identifying hazards and minimising risks
  • Research methods to test hypotheses
  • Weigh up evidence for theories

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