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APP and assessment for learning

Wikid is the most APP-compatible course! The Y7 and Y8 courses teach and assess 100% of the APP criteria.*

  1. Learning objectives are all aligned with APP strands, like the example below.
    APP AF5Wikid Y8 learning objective (Live and Kicking unit)
    Assess the strength of evidence, deciding whether it is sufficient to support a conclusion (L7) Decide whether conclusions are valid, which means a fair test was carried out and the results are accurate, reliable and relevant.
  2. Wikid sequences explicitly teach the concept and skills that underpin APP. For instance, for assessing evidence, students go behind the hype of performance-enhancing sports drinks. As they explore the methods used, they learn what makes a conclusion valid and assemble a checklist to test claims.
  3. There is a complete package of APP-linked assessments for a unit:

    Quizzes - multiple choice and short answer questions ranging in difficulty from Level 3 to Level 7 (depending on the content taught), and differentiated into two tiers.

    Problems - structured questions with more extended answers, for students to apply their knowledge in context, with levelled assessment criteria.

    Performance task - an open-ended task requiring students to put together scientific knowledge, skills and judgement, within an authentic situation.

    Download Y8 cells quiz (L3-5, with answers) - from Live & Kicking unit.

    Download Y8 cells quiz pt 2 (L5-7, with answers) - from Live & Kicking unit.

    Download Y8 cells problem (L5-7, with marking sheet) - from Live & Kicking unit.


APPREND is a research and development project, running alongside Wikid. It can help with assessment and learning:

Missions: a student booklet to integrate APP with Assessment for Learning. Each mission expands the APP statements into student friendly outcomes, for feedback and target setting.

GetScience: the 'missing textbook' for the Wikid course. Its visual explanations help students consolidate the ideas covered in Wikid Year 7 and 8 - in one book.

Visit the APPREND website

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