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What people are saying

Teachers' comments

"I'm currently teaching the WIKID scheme and I must say I really enjoy it. Of the year 7 modules Forensics is amazing, my class loved it and each lesson they would bring things to show me that they had found out for their CSI apprenticeship."
Laura Vitty in the TES Forum

"Would I recommend Wikid to others? Yes. In fact I’ve had science teachers come from out of county and within county to see it in action. WIKID shows enormous potential, and most students are engaged and achieving well on the course. Of course the scheme isn’t perfect – but show me a scheme that is!"
fiendishlyclever’ in the TES Forum

"This is the best resource I have had in my entire career – almost 30 years – and it has certainly given me a new lease of life in my teaching"
Margaret Trueman, St John Fisher School

"Pupils completed the assessment task, and I found that some who are targeted level 4's actually achieving level 6's. That speaks volumes about the work we are doing."
Melanie Wicks, Sale High School

"I very much like the way the materials try to engage students, and I think their motivation has improved. Consequently they are learning without knowing that they are learning."
Amanda Waterton, Maplesden Noakes

"I think it is very student centred if delivered in the correct fashion. The lack of a single big book seems to worry some higher up the chain, but does science really need a text book?"
Kevin Berry, Hartsdown Technology College

"The animated PowerPoints are fantastic . The links to reports/video footage on Youtube really engage the students and allows them see the 'reality' of the work they are doing."
Juliette Thomas, Prestwood Lodge School

"The students loved the video clips - I think they are very engaging. Initially I felt like a digital dinosaur but it has made me acquire skills and expertise!"
Sarah Preston, Sha Tin College, Hong Kong

What students are saying

"Students love it"
Justin Smith, Coombe Dean School

"They really enjoyed it. I found that some pupils who never really join in were much more animated during the lesson."
Emily McGovern, Waldegrave School for Girls

"They absolutely love the idea of the topic and the practicals. Science is the best subject ever since we did the fingerprints! They're desperate to do the substances on the floor in our next lesson."
Sarah Woods, Lawnswood School

"Producing their own prints and chromatograms gave a sense of fulfilment which is not very often the case for science topics."
William Evison, Bridge centre (Pupil Referral Unit)

"Every lesson students could recall virtually all that had been 'taught' the lesson before - even the weaker students. Students couldn't wait for the next lesson."
Zoe bailey, John F Kennedy

"They particularly enjoyed making the (Extinction) podcast and really acted out the roles they chose for themselves with great enthusiasm."
Gillian Whitmell, Newminster Middle school

"They liked seeing a result at the end of each activity, i.e. a solution to a problem."
Sarah Glinski, Helston Community College

(a student) "Today's lesson was super fun...we got to find things out for ourselves by trying out our ideas to see if it works. Can't wait until next lesson!"
Rebecca Flynn, Woodham CTC

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