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Antibiotic cockroaches

  • GCSE
  • Topical

Type: Activity
Learning Strategy: Data work
Topic: Drugs

Superbugs like MRSA are on the rampage, killing vulnerable hospital patients. What are scientists doing to combat antibiotic-resistant pathogens? This activity teaches new content from the 2011 GCSE specification. At the same time it develops the assessed skill of explaining how strongly evidence supports a hypothesis.

Antibiotic Cockroaches is a sample from our new Crucial pack, building skills for better GCSE results.

Note: this is a beta version, before final testing, and not the finished publication

Published: 4th July 2011
Reviews & Comments: 2

Learning objectives

• Find out how harmful bacteria form antibiotic-resistant strains.
• Discover why resistant strains spread rapidly.
• Draw conclusions from evidence about new ways of treating infections.

Try the activity

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This lesson addresses in particular, new content from AQA A Core GCSE, statement: B1.1.2j

It also practises the skill of examining how well evidence supports a claim, for GCSE controlled assessment and written examinations.

Running the activity

See the visual guide for a 1 page lesson plan and what's in the materials.
The teachers guide has a full commentary.

Reviews & Comments

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Adressing misconceptions

Oct 28th, 2013

5 Star

This one prompted lots of enquiry and discussion :) Helped students to look at their eveyday knowledge about antibiotic use as a socio-scientific issue.

Great for teaching the Nature of Science and Scientific Method too.


Reviewer: Renee Raroa

Great Activity

Aug 26th, 2011

4 Star

Are there any assessment materials to go with this? It refers to a essay question and rubric but i cannot find it?


Editor: the assessment question and marking guide are not part of this free sample, which is part of the Crucial programme.

Reviewer: Anna Cross