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Frequently Asked Questions

Invoices and payment

What happens now I’ve placed my order?

You will receive an invoice by email or post, according to your choice on the order form. On receipt of payment we send login details to the lead teacher so that you can download the units. However, if the payment is likely to be delayed through the school system, we are happy to accept faxed authorisation from the Headteacher/Bursar that the payment will be made. Fax the authorization to 01707 266532. On receipt of your payment or fax authorisation we email the lead teacher the login details and instructions on how to access the upd8 wikid download area.

Login details

When do I get my login?

On receipt of your payment or fax authorisation we email the lead teacher the login details and instructions on how to access the upd8 wikid download area.

What should I do if my password for the download site does not work?

Check with the lead teacher that you have the correct login details. If the login does not work, please click here, give us your details and we will reset the password for you.

Download difficulties and other technical questions

What should I do if I have any problems downloading the units?
  • Downloads stop before completion
  • Downloaded files are corrupted
  • I cannot open downloaded files

The problem you are having is caused by the file not downloading completely. To prevent this from happening:

  1. Try downloading from a computer with a direct connection to the internet (e.g. home ADSL or cable) rather than over a school network. This will give a more error-proof connection.
  2. Keep the download page open until you have successfully downloaded AND unzipped the file. This means that you can try again immediately if you have any problems.
Some of the links do not work, what should I do?
  • Most links work, but some individual links will not work, or report that the page no longer exists

Please let us know so that we can check and find alternative resources if necessary. We check the links regularly.

I'm having problems with YouTube, what should I do?
  • I cannot access YouTube etc. from school

Instructions are included in the unit for downloading video etc. This will need to be done from a computer without restricted access.

I need to download a file again, can I?

Provided you try again within 7 days, you can now re-download the same file.

Publication dates

Will I receive notification when units are published?

You will receive notifications by email and this information will also be posted on the upd8 community website. Emails sometime fail to reach schools because schools have different server set-ups, this is unfortunate, so always look on the forum for information on the next upd8 units.

What is in the unit and updates?

The unit means the original publication of the activities, and updates are subsequent correction or improvement files.

upd8 websites explained

I'm confused by the different web addresses for upd8.

  • – is the download area for upd8 units that you access with your emailed login.
  • – is for weblinks and corrections to activities (each has its own page). No activity download. We allow teachers to create their own login here.
  • – is for FREE topicals only.

upd8 community website

Why should I join?

This is the place to see tips from other upd8 teachers and to seek advice. The forum also has information on the publication dates for wikid units and information about the course.

Every teacher can create an individual login here

Activities and resource materials

There's a problem with an activity (or Ppt or word file), what do I do?

Look at the activity's web page at:, to see if the problem has already been solved.

N.B. You need to create a new login for yourself. Navigate to the unit, and then to the activity page. If the problem is not solved, add a comment to the page and one of the team will reply.

If you question has still not been answered then you can contact us. Alternatively, you can return to the contents page.

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