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Free Radical

The decline and fall of the National Curriculum

Tony Sherborne
14:21  |  08 July 2010

The signs are all around us. First the demise of the 11-14 SAT's as an enforcement mechanism. Then the iGCSE becoming an alternative summative assessment. And ultimately, the sack of QCA at the centre of the empire, by the neo-Visigoths of our new government.
It will soon be time to ask: what did the National Curriculum ever do for us? The Pax Curricula attempted to provide a coherent framework for building students' Big Ideas, from Year 1 through 11. However, the intention was often buried under the weight and distraction of the statutory and non-statutory measures carved out in its name.
Will its passing lead to a renaissance in science education, or a return to the Dark Ages?

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